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Welcome to the Rich Middle School Yearbook Yearbook Store.

Our yearbook team is creating a fantastic book for you that we are confident you will enjoy! We are excited to offer you an optional feature to personalize your book. You can create your own back cover and up to 4 pages for FREE.

The order and personalization deadline is April 21, 2015.

Jacilyn Keetch
Yearbook Adviser
Jaci 435-946-3358 ext 216

  STEP 1: Order  

Front Cover

Order Rich Middle School Yearbook 2014-2015
Your yearbook is being produced, but you can order it now.
You can order as many yearbooks as you want:
Hardcover $25.00
Softcover $16.00
eYearbook $5.00
  STEP 2: Personalize (optional)  
Come back later and personalize your book

As the year goes on you can come back here and personalize your yearbook. Personalized yearbooks have, in a sense, two front covers: On one side is the basic cover and yearbook. Flip the book over and the other side is your personalized cover and pages with your own photos and text. Watch Video

The first 4 pages are FREE, then just 99 cents per page. Finalize your personalization by April 21, 2015.

Have photos you think the yearbook can use?
Share them here with the yearbook adviser.